What an Ending!

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kate Moretti:

“I read this book on vacation and almost dropped my Kindle in the ocean when I got to the end. For me, it surprised me the way The Sixth Sense or The Usual Suspects did: all the signs were there, but I didn’t see it coming. I thought the entire premise was brilliant. Buhmann’s writing flows gracefully and is almost lyrical in its cadence. I love how close we are to Kate, in her thoughts and yet, she keeps us at arm’s length with her secrets. It’s a feat to pull off the unreliable narrator, but to do it in first person point-of-view takes real skill. The plot is intricately stitched, all the threads that seem to be unrelated weave tightly together at the end. I can’t wait to read more by Elizabeth Buhmann!”

From Adrienne LaCava, author of No One Can Know:

“If you like dark and compelling mysteries, don’t miss this fine first novel. I’d put it on a par with Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl,’ and call it a spellbinding psycho thriller. Written in first person, from the point of view of an unlikeable protagonist, it’s unusual, and uncomfortable at times to be inside such a character’s head. At age 20, before DNA studies were routine, Kate accused an innocent man of rape and murder and sent him to prison. Twenty years later the accused has found the Justice Project and is being released. That’s a great hook, but the story is much more layered and twisted underneath, just like our Kate. I was thoroughly entertained and thanks to good editing, the story is free of distraction. I look forward to more from this author.”

Anachronist says…

“This novel was a real pleasure to read; I started it just to get the taste of the narration and, after a short while, I couldn’t let it go. It kept me awake late at night because I simply had to reach the final page,,,I won’t forget this story and its heroine for a long time –”

The Chaotic Reader says…

“Buhmann does a superb job of letting Kate peel away layer after layer of the façade she’s spent her lifetime creating…In Kate, Buhmann has created a classic unreliable narrator.”

“The last twenty pages of the book have more twists than a bag of pretzels. The true appeal of the book, though, is in witnessing the disintegration of an obsessive personality…like the train wreck you can’t help but watch. In that regard, Buhmann’s storytelling is in a class with Lolita.”

“Reading Lay Death at Her Door is like sitting raptly across the table from Kate while she relates her tale of woe and realizing when she finishes, that you’ve scooted your chair as far from the table as you can get it.”

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Listed on I’m a Voracious Reader as a “Favorite Author”

“This mystery grabbed me from the two word second paragraph. ‘I lied.’ … Buhmann’s skillful writing pulled me along kicking and screaming for the entire book before giving me what I demanded, the reason behind the lie.”

“I have to tell you that Kate Cranbrook is … the most unlikeable protagonist that I’ve ever read and yet I couldn’t stop reading! Now, that’s an excellent writer for you…Kate is complex and yet a train wreck,..The ending was the biggest mind **** I never saw coming. Totally. Awesome!”

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Big Al’s Books & Pals says…

I’m hesitant to go into any kind of detail for fear of a spoiler other than to say that … each new revelation changed my perception of where the story was going, right up to the very end. A well written, unpredictable story. You’ll love it.

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